What We Invest In

At NuruHouse Ventures, we fundamentally believe in companies that provide solutions to large problems. If your company is one of such, we want to meet you. The companies we invest in depend on two factors.

Business Model Innovation

Are you offering a new approach to an existing problem or are you providing a product that never existed before?
We strongly believe in innovative ideas because they can create long lasting value, if executed properly.

Strong Management Team

Is your company led by a team with strong leadership and a clear vision?
We strongly believe that great companies are managed by great operators and we seek to partner with these individuals.

Frequently Asked questions

Yes, but your achievements matter more than your credentials.

No, it is not an expectation. But we are open to help out when needed.

We believe major cities offer more innovation opportunities.
Filling the application form correctly is a good start.
Anytime is the right time, as long as it is through proper channels.
Most certainly no, because we need to assess the nature of your business.
We focus on industries that serve large markets.
Teams with a combination of great builders and managers.
We care about the companies we invest in, and provide more value than capital.
We invest in growth-seeking innovative startups striving for attractive returns.
We invest at an early stage.
You can expect an initial reply in two weeks time.

Yes, we are happy to lead further investment rounds.

What Next?

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If you are a founder whose company is undervalued
We would love to hear from you